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Healthy, gourmet nut butters that help women in need.




We're changing women's lives.

Homelessness is a real issue in our city. We’ve seen that women trying to get back on their feet have the motivation to work but may lack the skills, experience, or confidence to be hired by an employer. Through conversation we learned that a part-time job that would employ them for just 10-15 hours a week would have a huge impact on their ability to save up while searching for a home, and give them job experience that could translate into longer-term employment.

Through the sale of delicious and healthy nut butters, we will hire women in transition to work with us part-time, giving them an opportunity to learn everything from sales and marketing to working in a commercial kitchen space. After 6-9 months in our employment training program, they will have them with job skills, on-the-job mentoring and ultimately the confidence and opportunity they need to transition into their next phase of life.

In all that we do, we aim to create community. We want our customers to really feel like they are a part of something bigger, and want to create opportunity for them to get involved on any level they want—whether it be the mom who buys our nut butters monthly or the local accountant who volunteers to spend an hour each month teaching our team about smart spending habits!

We are convinced that if you create economic and personal stability in a woman’s life, the trickle down effect to her family and community will be powerful and dramatic.  

So not only are our nut butters good for you (hello, healthy fats and no added sugar), but you can feel good eating them because they help to spread good, too.



It’s great being able to work closely with my bosses (who are very encouraging and understanding) and experience firsthand how their business structure is formed and maintained. I love getting the opportunity to take ownership on a certain task and that my bosses trust me to do it well!
— Ruth M., Ground Up Intern

Ruth has become one of the most valuable (and longest-standing) members of our team. She now assists with mentoring the other women who join us!

Meet Cynthia...

Our resident labeling machine master, we have been so lucky to have Cynthia on our team!


We're lucky to be partnering with some incredible Portland-based organizations to get our employment training program off the ground! These include: